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Say 'I Love You' with Best & Co.

If you have not yet been introduced to Best & Co.’s collection, do so now. Trust us, you are in for a major treat.

Founded by Bush Helzberg whose family has been in the jewelry business for generations, Best & Co. is a jewelry company with a focused and clear mission: offer a better way to acquire luxury jewelry. The collection is characterized by unbelievably exquisite designs with unparalleled quality – and delivered at exceptional prices (relatively speaking!).

The design aesthetic represents a quiet, pure elegance that is classic and true. It is undeniably feminine, but with bold and daring undertones that will make anyone swoon. Established in Aspen, Colorado, you truly can feel the magic of the mountains and a quality of longevity and permanence.

We sat down with Founder & CEO Bush Helzberg to ask him why he believes the time is right for a new iteration of a luxury jewelry company.


What compelled you to redefine the way luxury jewelry could be acquired?

Although the retail jewelry industry has changed dramatically as a result of the internet, the luxury segment has seen very little change. Many of the high-end jewelers, like Tiffany, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, spend lavishly on pricey retail locations and expensive marketing programs. Their customer experience still involves an in-store visit, wading through hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces that are not appealing, while being told prices that are hard to fathom.

I wanted to offer people a better way to shop for beautiful jewelry, without the high markups of traditional, luxury jewelry retailers.

Best & Co. upends the traditional model. We offer a different experience, one we believe customers want; featuring a curated collection of exquisite jewelry and significantly better pricing because of our efficient business model.


As a non-traditional retail company, how do you consistently provide excellent, personalized customer service?

At Best & Co., we do whatever it takes to make our customers happy. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients. This is why we created our Certified Perfect Guarantee: if for any reason a piece is not absolutely perfect for the client or the recipient, we simply ask to be notified within 30 days of receipt. We then arrange return shipping at our expense and a full refund is given. 

Our customer service model—and our entire company’s ethos—is based on quality. We will not settle for anything other than the best. We take great pride in this and put everything we have behind it to make it so.

My father, a very inspirational person, has influenced me greatly. He taught me that any interaction with a client is an opportunity to go out of your way to deliver the best customer service. He would tell me, “Customer service problems are not problems; they are opportunities to delight your customer.”

You have such an interesting story! You were raised in Kansas City in a family of very successful jewelers, you attended the University of Michigan, Stanford, and Columbia, served in the Peace Corps in Africa, worked in finance in NYC, and now, you live in Aspen with your wife and five children. 

What inspired you to go full circle and return to the jewelry industry?

I always thought I would be in the jewelry business. My game plan had always been to go out into the world, gain different experiences and perspectives, and then join the family business. Plans changed when my family decided to sell their company. In fact, this all happened when I was living in a mud hut in Mali during my Peace Corps experience. I remember traveling between Africa and the U.S. as my family, collectively, underwent the process of determining the best buyer for the family business. It was ultimately acquired by Berkshire Hathaway.

The main reason I returned to my jewelry heritage is simple. I love the jewelry industry. I have always taken great pride in helping people find meaningful pieces that will be with them or their loved ones forever. I love the artistry, the creativity, and the beauty of jewelry. Best & Co. fuels my passion and energy, both creatively and from a business perspective. It’s in my DNA, I know its ins and outs, I love it, and I am truly excited about Best & Co.’s innovative approach. Delivering beautiful designs of the highest quality at better pricing creates value for our clients.

Our founder, Gwyn Prentice, told us about the Diamondgram! She had an excellent experience with it. Gwyn wanted to do something very special for her sister for Christmas, and this was just the ticket!

Oh great, I’m very glad to hear that. We love working with customers to help them find the perfect gift. We created our Diamondgram for that explicit purpose. The customer chooses the price point and provides us the gift recipient’s name and email. And we do the rest. Gwyn was so pleased with what we made for her sister that she asked us to create a “sister” ring for herself, with a kinship to the original but with a different gemstone.

The Diamondgram is the ultimate gift to give (or get). As we like to say, “happiness guaranteed!”


Your collection is amazing. There is not a single piece in there that we wouldn't love to have. It takes our breath away! Elegant, classic, timeless, so special yet wearable, just gorgeous. Do you have a favorite piece?

Thank you! I am very proud of our entire collection. Right now, I’m especially drawn to the Art Deco-inspired pieces, like our Pendant Necklace. Our Rose Gold Organic Oval Earrings draw their shape from the iconic design of the Aspen leaf, which I think is a nice nod to the relaxed luxury and simplicity of Best & Co’s native home. Our collection is highly curated; each piece meets our high standards.



Thank you, Bush! Best & Co. is more than aptly named. Your collection has such character and elegance. Best of luck to you; we believe this new way of shopping for luxury jewelry is a winner!

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