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5-Step Swimsuit Shopping

Love Swimsuit Shopping?  Neither did I.  

Even though it’s my job to promote swimwear, I honestly can’t think of ANY woman who absolutely loves shopping for a suit.  Frankly, I used to dread the entire experience.  The glare of the fitting room lighting, an inevitable glance (and subsequent obsession) over my imperfections, the tight pull of elastic on my rear end, etc. etc.  I was hoping someone would step forward to demystify the entire selection process. And then Gwyn Prentice of Helen Jon began her mission to make it all so much better.  Here are Five Steps you need to follow to make it the best swimsuit season for you!


Step One:  Pick a suit that actually fits

This isn’t a revolutionary concept, but if you’re anything like me, your swimsuit drawer is filled with suits of yesteryear.  Time for a change! Clean out and start fresh.  I needed (and wanted) to pick a suit that actually fit my current body type. These DO exist!


Step Two:  Pick a swimsuit with interior architecture

“Interior Architecture” is my mantra for 2018.  I didn’t realize that some brands, like Helen Jon, actually invest heavily into the INSIDE of swimsuits.  These tiny details make a big difference.  A clasp here, actual bra cups there, and underwire in just the right spots can make or break your beach game. 


Step Three:  Details are key

Fabrics that don’t pucker are essential. So is the right stitching. Paying attention to a variety of body types during the manufacturing and design process is fundamental. Research brands that take time to invest in these details!


Step Four:  Care for your skin

Your skin is a suit you’ll live in forever!  If your skin looks great, the suit you’re wearing will, too. Remember your sunscreen and post-sun care. See some great doctorly advice here


Step Five:  Be confident

Beyond the suit itself, I’ve discovered that confidence is key.  If I’m wearing a smile and enjoying myself, I’m going to feel good all over.  Confidence is free—and only comes from the inside—and might just be the best accessory of the season. 


Helen Jon wants you to be happy!  Buy something online you don’t love? They make exchanges easy and accept returns until you find your perfect fit.

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