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Our Story

At Helen Jon, we value developing products that help women live their lives most fully. We aim to create beauty in the world by inspiring women to tap into their own; their wisdom, their values, their dreams.

Fit, feel, quality, and excellent customer service are prioritized based on our vision.

We know that women come in different shapes, sizes, ages, and styles. Each of our silhouettes is fit at least seven times to make sure the Helen Jon Fit is something you can count on and love.

We use soft fabrics that feel good. The “touch” of our garments influences not only how they are worn, but how you feel when you are wearing them.

Each Helen Jon piece is made with the utmost of care, an unparalleled attention to detail, and a commitment to deliver our very best. We are part of the slow fashion movement – our goal is for our pieces to be worn year after year, with a focus on environmentally-thoughtful fabrics.

about Helen...

Co-founder Gwyn’s great aunt, Helen, surrounded herself with beauty. She was somehow in touch with the elusive details, the subtleties that could transform average or so-so into special and unforgettable.

Helen brought this keen eye, this sensitivity to beauty and truth, to every facet of her life – and most importantly, to her family. She loved nothing more than “her girls.” And her girls knew it.  Loved for just being. Loved unconditionally.

What could be better than that?

and Jon...

Missy remembers how her father, every night when he’d return home from work, would walk through their door and somehow just make the whole house come alive with his love of life, his happiness, and big spirit. Tall, dark, and handsome, he’d greet Missy, her sister, and their mom the same way, every evening. “Missy Jon. Melanie Jon. Sweet Carolyn. I’m home.” 

Missy’s dad passed away when she was nine years old, but she has always held tight to this memory. “Missy Jon,” translated from Farsi, is “Missy Dear,” the most special term of endearment.

Helen Jon is more than just a name to us.  It evokes the memories of two very deep, unchangeable loves. It keeps them and their love alive.