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8 Easy Tips for Sustainability

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Photos by Laurie and Charles Photographs

We all want to do our part to keep our planet healthy, but in our fast-paced world with multiple demands on our time, sometimes this is easier said than done. We’re sharing some creative – but simple! – tips, and would love to hear from you about your favorite sustainability ideas. Let us know what works for you!


Familiarize yourself with your city’s recycling rules. This link might help you weed through all of the red tape.

Recycling procedures vary from city to city and determine everything from what you can recycle, to how to separate various materials, to where you leave your recycling bins. 


Be conscious of water usage.

Investigate signing up for a water cooler service or installing a water filtration system in your kitchen so you don’t have to use as much bottled water in your home.


Consider the packaging.

Can you reuse your take-out food packaging or that zip lock bag? Becoming more aware and intentional when making purchases will move the needle in the right direction bit by bit.


Image of Clear water


Wash it in cold.

Washing in cold saves enough energy to charge your smartphone for a lifetime in just one year of cold-water cycles. There are products on the market like Tide Purclean that are designed specifically for cold-water washing.


Clean and declutter.

Take a page or two from Marie Kondo, Gretchen Rubin (or whomever your minimalist spirit animal might be) and see what you can comfortably get rid of, repurpose, recycle, or donate.


Image of tote on beach


We probably are aware that we should avoid single-use plastics, but it is easy to forget that canvas grocery bag, straw, coffee cup… the list goes on. Some ideas:

If driving is your main mode of transportation, keep extra tote bags in the trunk. We’re big fans of this one! You could even try these eco-friendly produce bags.

If walking or public transportation is how you typically get around, here is a small, easy-to-clean option that we love.

Consider keeping your reusable straws in the console of your car or in your bag so that they're on hand when you need them.


Find a nonprofit, national or local, that supports the cause that means the most to you and speaks to your heart.

Donate, volunteer, spread the word.


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Start small.

It’s one thing to make a plan, it’s another thing to stick to it. Start small and do your best to develop good habits that won’t make your life more complicated but will contribute to more sustainable living.

Small actions add up to a collective, bigger, and positive impact. Make change happen.


We hope these tips were helpful. And, please share other ideas and suggestions; we’d love to hear from you!!


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