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Eliminate One

It’s January. New Year’s resolutions are in the air. Everything seems possible. Great habits are just begging to be started. You know the feeling. All through December, ’tis the season of more, more, more. And now, here’s January and the brisk aftermath with the theme of less, less, less.

So how can we capitalize on this momentum of getting back to basics, recharging, setting forth in this new year on the right foot? What if, instead of going full-tilt into our healthy-living blown-out master plans, we instead decided to enter into January more mindfully, more meditatively, more realistically. 

So, what do you say, instead of trying to do it all, in one fell swoop, we just focus on one thing, for one month? Start small, start right. Plant a seed.

Here are some ideas that all of us at Helen Jon have committed to — but this is not a one-size-fits-all approach. This is supposed to be for YOU. You choose, you decide, what is that ONE thing that you think will make your life a little easier, a little breezier, a lot nicer.

Eliminate ONE:

  • No to sugar (or maybe just to desserts)
  • No to sodas
  • No to snacking between meals
  • No to alcohol
  • No to processed foods
  • No to making excuses for your exercise plan (create your workout schedule, commit to it, complete it!)
  • No to electronics at a specific time (bedtime, your dinner-time, your designated family-time or “me-time.”)
  • No to negative self-talk
  • No to staying up too late (establish an earlier bed-time to ensure enough sleep)
  • No to starting but not finishing


B’bye excess. Hello, smart strategy!

And let us know how it’s going. We would love to hear from you!

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