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Guide to Goop: Inside the In Goop Health Wellness Retreat

We were honored to attend the In Goop Health wellness summit by Gwyneth Paltrow this past weekend in LA and hope to pass on the highlights to our busy readers!

The day began with the health benefits of a plant-based drink from Moon Juice and Foam Rolling with Lauren Roxburg.  If you aren’t familiar with Lauren’s method, featured in Goop’s latest beauty book, her advice on lengthening your muscles, standing an inch taller, and renewing your body, all with foam rollers, is sworn to by health experts and celebrities alike. 

Moon Juice

 Health panelist and real discussions were the focus of the day.  Dr. Steven Gundry, a cardiac surgeon, spoke about the importance of probiotics, gut health, and the hidden dangers in some common foods.  His website offers information and products to get you started on a healthier path.  Alejandro Junger was also there—his advice on detox is something to consider for those of us wanting a dramatic diet reboot.  Gwyneth credited Junger for kickstarting her journey to healthy living.  

Dr. Phil Stutz and Barry Michels, authors of Coming Alive, are the perfect pair. They spoke about self-empowerment and the very simple practice of believing in yourself to make your dreams come true from inside the universe.  Hearing them, in person, explain their concept of “The Field,” the secret forces at work in your life, was life changing.   They are a remarkable team.

Curated lunch with Chef Seamus Mullen brought new meaning to papaya.  Seasoned with the most talked about herb of the conference—the “must-eat” turmeric - and also with chia vinaigrette and key limes, his recipe brought a new dimension to the strange fruit.

Seamuss Mullen

Next up was Colleen McCann’s crystal readings.  McCann believes that crystals can help with spiritual guidance and energy change. 

Colleen McCann

Miranda Kerr’s new natural beauty line KORA (available exclusively at Sephora) was included in the Tumi gift suitcase (an embarrassment of riches for sure!). The Noni Glow face oil is organic and simply perfection.

 Kora Organics

The last panel—filled with stars from Nicole Richie to Cameron Diaz —was inspiring and refreshing. Richie’s sense of humor on stage might have been one of the top moments of the conference.  Her honest talk about her life, her many “balls in the air,” and her marriage were inspiring, hilarious and genuine.  Diaz kept the conversation authentic, speaking about her desire to step away from the spotlight to bring more fulfillment to her life.  We savored our time listening to the wisdom and wit of this group.  

GOOP PanelAnd of course, the major highlight was all of the expertise that Gwyneth compiled and shared along her journey to health.  Whether found through nourishing friendships, doctors or spiritual healers, we felt lucky to be included in her journey and reap the benefits of all her findings condensed into one day!

Blish Connor at Goop

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