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Helen Jon Masks

Helen Jon Face Masks


How quickly things change...

As a swimwear company, spring is always an exciting time for us. With spring break around the corner, we’re introducing new products and bustling to get our new prints into the hands of our retail clients and up on the web so that you’ll be able to wear your Helen Jon at the pool, on the beach, and at your favorite resort.

This February, and even into early March, things were still pretty normal, although we were keeping a leery eye on COVID-19. As mid-March rolled around, we (and everyone, of course) came to the harsh realization that life as we knew it was changing at breakneck speed—and it hit us like a punch to the gut. Not only were we worried for the health of our families, our employees, and the world, but we were watching our retailers close one-by-one, vacations being cancelled, and beaches being shut down.

As a small company with amazing employees, we knew that we wanted to do our part in helping our community in any way we could.

On March 20th, New York Governor Cuomo put out a call to companies to be creative and produce PPEs where possible. This sparked a fire in our production team that quickly spread throughout our company. Quickly, but with many hours of work from our production team, we were able to design two non-medical mask styles that are functional, comfortable, reusable, and made to Helen Jon’s exacting standards by our Los Angeles contracted manufacturing facilities.

Mask Cutting

Why are these masks such a point of pride and love for us? Here are but a few reasons…

  • We are using past-season materials that were previously sitting idle, repurposing fabric, and eliminating waste.
  • We are using multiple methods of safety and hygiene in our manufacturing and shipping processes, employing social distancing, sanitizing stations, masks, gloves, and regular hand washing.
  • Our masks are washable, reusable, and comfortable.
  • We went from conception, to design, to prototype, to initial announcement, to first shipping in three weeks. This was only possible through the dedication and hard work of our employees and Los Angeles factories.
  • We are keeping our employees working, keeping our business open, and continuing to contribute to our nation’s economy.
  • We are selling these masks below our cost to help keep people protected and healthy.
  • We are donating masks to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City (home of our corporate office).

Thank you for standing by us as we do our part to help America get through this pandemic. Be well.

With love and support,

Gwyn & Missy


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