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His View: Tailgating 101

Chief's game

Are you ready for some football?!?

Well, whether you are ready for it or not, football season is here. It seems the summer sun has officially set, and the hint of fall is now in the air.

We thought it would be fun to share some expert ideas on how to throw the perfect tailgate.

Helen Jon co-founder, Gwyn Prentice, thought this was outside her purview. But… she knew of an in-house expert she could turn to, her husband Andy.


Andy, with lifelong friend, Danny.


See below for Andy’s tips. They’re total winners!


From the Playbook: A few basic rules and regulations

  • Arrive at the gate 3 hours before game time.


  • Tailgates happen rain, snow, or shine. No exceptions.


  • If it is raining or snowing, bring a canopy and a blanket.
  • Tailgates don’t always end when the game does, so bring extra alcohol and food.


The Necessities

  • Food: Must be low-maintenance. Think chips and dip, barbeque, chili, giant subs, bratwurst, hotdogs.


  • Portable grill – charcoal or propane.


  • To avoid a whistle-blow, don’t forget paper plates, utensils, charcoal/lighter/propane, and a big trash bag. You’ll thank me later


  • Games: Cornhole, frisbee, washers , or Kan Jam . And, of course, always a football.


  • Cooler: Filled with lots of beer, ice – and any other drinks of choice.


  • Foldable Picnic Table . This is a good one!


  • Or, if you want less gear to bring and you have a SUV, you can use the back of your SUV as a makeshift table. If that’s the case, bring one of these tablecloths .


  • Waterproof loud speaker : Don’t forget a playlist.


Extra Points

  • Portable generator, large TV, and digital antenna. Why not go the extra mile and air some pre-game analysis? Or maybe there’s another game going on; you can watch your rivals go down before your team takes the field.


Final Play

Designate a driver and may the best team win.


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