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It’s Officially Summer and Here’s How to Prevent a Sunburn

Now that summer is in full swing and the sun is flourishing, it’s crucial to learn exactly how to prevent a sunburn!

There is nothing more unpleasant, or capable of destroying a vacation - or even just a gorgeous day outside - than an atrocious sunburn. Clearly, sunburns are a tragedy. You’re familiar with them, you despise them, and yet you still find yourself looking like a lobster at least a few times a year. So, how do you prevent a sunburn? Fortunately, we have some tips!

1. Use Sunblock

This one is obvious, but a lot of us are guilty of “forgetting” the sunblock at home or simply skipping this step in hopes of getting a “base tan.” With that said, sunscreen is absolutely essential, and using sunscreen properly is the key to making sure it’s effective.

First, when shopping for sunscreen, 30 SPF is the “magic number,” meaning do not reach for anything lower than 30 SPF, but anything 30+ is fair game. Grab the 100 SPF if your heart desires - the higher the SPF, the better! Some of my favorite sunscreen brands are Supergoop, La Roche Posay, Sun Bum, and Elta MD.

You should apply sunscreen thirty minutes before stepping outside into the sun and reapply every two hours. However, if you decide to take a dip in the water, you should reapply immediately once you dry off.

If you’re someone who longs for a summer glow, don’t be scared of sunscreen - you can still get tan while wearing sunblock!

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2. Limit Your Time in the Sun During Peak UV Hours

UV rays are strongest from 10 am to 4 pm. I know what you’re thinking…those are the perfect hours for a pool or beach day! Most people would advise you to completely avoid the sun during these times but being someone who loves an afternoon in the sun, I realize that’s totally unrealistic. And…everyone needs a little Vitamin D!

It’s important that you do not camp out in the sun for six straight hours. Ideally, instead of one long Saturday pool trip, go sit in the sun for two hours at a time a few days a week. Obviously, weekdays can be busy with work, appointments, and family commitments, so sometimes a lengthy Saturday in the sun is inevitable. If this is the case, spend some time under an umbrella or sit inside for lunch rather than eating by the pool!

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3. Get Fashionable with a Big Hat and Helen Jon Cover-Up

The absolute worst is laying out in the sun with friends and feeling an intense sunburn develop…but you’re enjoying your time with them and don’t want to leave! The best solution here is to throw on a fun sun hat and a Helen Jon cover-up that your friends will immediately want to know where it came from.

Everyone should be wearing a big sun hat at all times as the face is more sensitive to the sun than the rest of your body. We’ve sure you’ve heard at least one person in your life tell you they have so many wrinkles and brown spots (aka sunspots) on their face because they would spend days basking in the sun while constantly slathering themselves in baby oil. Wear the hat and who knows, maybe you’ll look the exact same in 15 years! Go check out the amazing hats at Lack of Color, Corazon Playero, and Sunshine Tienda.

Sometimes, the only option to prevent a sunburn and the pain that comes with it is to cover-up. and fortunately, Helen Jon has options that let you do this in style. Tunics, shirt dresses, beach pants, and even UPF sun shirts! My personal favorites are the Beaded Beach Tunic, Hooded Terry Cover-Up, Brigid Tunic, and UPF Rash Guards.

Helen Jon's Ombre Geo Sun Shirt, UPF 50+ Protection.

What is UPF? UPF stands for ultraviolent protection factor, a sun protective rating factor for fabrics. All of Helen Jon’s swim has a UPF 50+ rating, manufactured for the highest sun protection. A key beach day essential, weather you’re surfing, paddle boarding, or boating. Helen Jon offers so many colors in a variety of styles. Shop their colorful, casual fit, three-quarter zip, sun shirts or keep it classic with our full zip, solid navy or black rash guard, with sporty thumb holes. Whichever your style, you can feel confident and protected in our UPF 50+ sun protection swim.

*Hopefully, you’ve learned how to prevent a sunburn, but if you’re appearing a little red, enjoy a cold shower, apply lots of aloe, and take some ibuprofen. Enjoy the sun this summer, but remember sunscreen, shade, and cover-ups!

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