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Q&A with Redbook Market Editor Sarah Gerrish: What's in your beach bag?

I grew up in Ocean City NJ, about a 10 minute drive from the beach. And while Jersey gets a bad reputation sometimes, OCNJ has been voted as having some of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast. I grew up literally napping on the beach, so to say I’m a true beach bum isn’t much of a stretch. Here are the 5 things I always need for a great day at the beach:

1. Sun Bum sunscreen

I love the packaging and the smell, and it doesn’t irritate my skin.Sun Bum

2. A ton of magazines (obviously Redbook ;)

I really love the feeling of flipping through a real magazine or book on the beach. It’s so relaxing.

RedBook magazine

3. A round towel from The Beach People

Not sure why it took so long for us to figure out that laying on a nice big round towel is so much more enjoyable and cuter, but I'm glad we did.Tb Beach Towel

4. A high-neck bikini from Helen Jon

 I love the look of the high-neck, but it also serves as an extra layer of sun protection, which I appreciate more and more each year. And because I am active on the beach (I attempt to go surfing with my husband, we play paddleball, and go on walks), I appreciate the hipster bottoms and their feminine take on board shorts:High Neck One Piece

5. A great pair of sunglasses

I personally love the brand SEE because all of their sunglasses are under $100, polarized and handmade so you know the quality is there. I also love wearing a more colorful pair, I really switch it up when it comes to silhouette and color.SEE glasses


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