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Summer Entertaining with Sonja Morgan, Real Housewife of New York City


We caught up with our favorite hostess with the mostest, Real Housewives of New York City's Sonja Morgan, while she was in Bali to see what she recommends for the perfect summer party.


First things first - the guest list - if we can't invite everyone we want to include, how do we narrow the list?

Company is important. Think out your guest list. You don't have to have everyone every time. You just need the right mix. Then have another party and include the other group who was excluded! Always keep track and reciprocate an invite or don't accept. 


Next, the food. We are more "cook" than "chef" - what are some menu recommendations?

Keep the appetizers light and carb free. Substitute crackers with cucumbers - use gravlax or lox salmon on top - or, wrap salmon around cornichons. This is featured on my website and my shopping app. 


And what about drinks - do we need the skills of a Watch What Happens Live Bravo bartender?

Have the best alcohol you can afford, so your guests don't have a hangover! Instead of champagne, serve a decent prosecco. 


We know you attended the Fashion Institute of Technology - what is your best wardrobe advice?

Dress festively to respect the effort the host has made, and you are sure to be invited again. My new, affordable collection Sonja, by Sonja Morgashows some good options. My app also features sales with a variety of brands. 


Parting words?

Soon YOU will be the straw that stirs the drink and the hostess everyone envies an invite from. We always have a greeeeat time! 


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