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What to Wear to the Spa: A Guide to Chic Spa Attire

A day at the spa… Nothing sounds more relaxing with all the noise we have in our lives these days. But then it hits you: What do people even wear to the spa? Perfecting the spa dress code can at times seem daunting, but there’s no reason the stress of finding the perfect spa day outfit should put any damper on your serene day of pampered bliss!

The key rule to keep in mind when choosing an outfit for the spa is undoubtedly comfort! You will probably change into an extremely plush robe once you arrive at the spa for a luxurious few hours of relaxation, so you will want to wear an outfit that’s easy to slip on and off. You want to be relaxed when you arrive and the goal is obviously to stay in full relaxation mode for as long as possible after your spa treatments, so plan to wear loose, lightweight clothing that allows you to fully unwind.

Yes, comfort and functionality should be your top priorities, but there is no reason you can’t look stylish at the same time, so we have gathered some easygoing outfit ideas that will allow you to come and go from the spa while still radiating sophistication and confidence.

Spa day essentials from Helen Jon

1. Matching Lounge Set

There is absolutely no doubt that everyone loves throwing on a matching lounge set. It truly is the best of both worlds - it’s a ready-made outfit that’s cozy, quick to change in and out of with no fuss, but still appears as an amazing ‘put-together’ look. The Maxwell Wrap, Logan Jogger, and Classic Tee is an easy, yet stunning outfit to wear to the spa. If you’re looking for a set that is a little dressier check out the Beachcomber Hip Tunic and Beachcomber Ankle Pant. Two matching pieces can easily be separated to create so many versatile outfits!

Luxe Lounge Set, spa day essentials from Helen Jon

2. A Loose, Airy Dress

If you accidentally scheduled your spa treatments right before a lunch with friends or a work meeting, you may need to wear more polished spa attire. A flowy, Relaxed Shirt Dress is a great option – they are comfortable, versatile, feminine, effortless to wear, and very flattering. Pair our Brigid Tunic with a fun pair of sandals, and you’re all set for a few hours at the spa followed by an outing with friends!

Helen Jon Midi Cotton Dress Tunic, Spa Day essential

3. Comfortable Shorts with a Simple Tank

If it’s a little too warm outside for a matching loungewear set but you don’t have any huge plans after the spa, just slip on a fun pair of casual shorts with a classic tee. The Classic Tank coupled with the Seaside Short is an ideal outfit to sport for an afternoon at the spa and any last minute errands you may have to run after. The shorts are easy yet pretty, and the tank is buttery-soft and a loose fit - this ensemble fits all the criteria for the classic spa outfit!

4. Swimwear

A lot of spas have pools, or saunas, so you may want to consider packing a swimsuit if you plan to partake in one of those activities. You can wear a one-piece or a bikini, but make sure you wear a swimsuit that you love. Whether you are looking for a bikini, tankini, or one-piece, Helen Jon has a swimsuit for every shape! Try our classic string top for less coverage or our Twist Bandeau One-Piece for more coverage.


Helen Jon Twist Bandeau One Piece a Spa Day essential

5. Taking the Spa home

Looking for a gift to help you and your friends remember the day? Perhaps you are making this trip an outing for you and your bridesmaids? Our Hooded Terry Cover-Up is the ultimate in comfort. So soft, unbelievably cozy, and yes, super-cute. Easy to wear, to pack, to love. It is the perfect spa day memento that can be monogramed for an extra special touch and worn again by your group on your big day!

Helen Jon Hooded Terry Cover Up a Spa Day essential

When deciding on your spa attire, remember elevated comfort is key! Ensure your outfit makes you feel relaxed yet confident, classy, and fashionable. Take along our Beach Tote (with waterproof lining, of course!) and throw in some of our flip flops, with any makeup or toiletries you can’t live without.



Now, go relax and soak in every minute of your trip to the spa!

Helen Jon Navy Stripe Canvas Tote a Spa Day essential.


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