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Mask FAQs

Why is Helen Jon making masks?

In an effort to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, we have utilized our swimwear fabric and partnered with our Los Angeles factories to make non-medical grade masks. 

I'd like to purchase masks in bulk. Do you offer bulk-rate pricing?

We offer tiered pricing for orders of 250 pieces or more. For inquiries, please contact

Why aren't you using cotton?

We are trying to help essential workers who want a mask with materials we have. Our swimwear fabric is a blend of nylon/spandex and the added foam cup provides an additional protection over and above two layers of fabric. In addition, the benefit of using stretch fabric is it fits snug to the face.

Do your masks contain latex or rubber?

There is no latex or rubber in the masks.

Is it hard to breathe with your mask on?

Wearing a mask in general makes it harder to breathe. However, initial test wearers found that our masks with the insert inside felt more comfortable when breathing. They felt the insert helps hold the shape of the mask out around the nose.

Please describe the insert materials.

The inserts are made from Polyurethane fabrics which are lightweight and breathable. Polyurethane fabric is flexible and easy to work with and was originally designed for use in hospitals, where a reusable fabric was needed.

Polyurethane is used to manufacture many different items. Lunch bags, baby diapers, mattress covers, bra cups, and camping gear…to name a few.

Polyurethane fabrics use no solvents, so they don’t produce harmful toxins. It is a strong material able to withstand heat and moisture.

How are the masks sized?

The masks are currently available in kids (age 3-7), small, regular, and large. Size availability varies by print. Please be aware of the size options of the print you select. Masks are made from nylon/spandex fabric that has a lot of stretch to fit a majority of face sizes and shapes. Our masks are made to fit snugly.

The masks are unisex, for adult women or men.

Washing/Care instructions

Masks are washed before packing.
Care instructions are Machine Wash/Tumble Dry

Mask Fit Guide

Mask Fit Guide

**Please note that this mask is not medical grade PPE and should not be used in any setting where significant exposure to liquid, bodily or other hazardous fluids may be expected. Masks are not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community transmission of COVID-19, so please continue to practice social distancing and hand washing, and limit touching your face.