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Clémence von Mueffling, Founder and Editor of Beauty and Well Being


Clémence von Mueffling radiates beauty from the inside out. It is no wonder she is known as a tastemaker, an arbiter of wellness and beauty, and that her absolutely breathtaking website, Beauty and Well Being, is a can’t miss. Her content is perfectly curated, graceful and considered. From interviews with inspirational women like Christy Turlington Burns to indispensable suggestions for achieving balance, simplicity and happiness in our daily lives, we are certain that BWB will become a go-to for you, as it has for our Helen Jon team.

We were lucky enough to sit and talk with Clémence as she shared some of her must-haves to transition gracefully and with purpose from summer into fall. 

Does your approach to beauty and wellness shift season to season? If so, what is your best advice to embrace a healthy fall?

Absolutely. Towards the end of the summer, I am very careful with my skin and make sure to keep it properly hydrated. I use tinted moisturizers or foundations with SPF as it is still sunny in New York. My favorites are Erborian CC cream and SkinCeuticals Mineral Matte UV Defense. The changing season also offers the perfect opportunity to ‘reset’ my skin with a facial.

What are 3 go-to beauty products you would recommend for fall?

For my hair, Christophe Robin’s Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil has extraordinary results on dry hair. For my face, the Caudalie Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil leaves my skin very soft. To keep the glow from summer months, I swear by Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow, a primer that gives my complexion an effortlessly dewy look.

You bring such light and positivity — and clarity — to others by sharing your perspective, tips, and insights through your content, interviews and suggestions. What inspires you, consistently and historically through the seasons? And, what has caught your eye and imagination for fall?

Each new season is the perfect occasion to improve your beauty and wellness routine, and to give yourself an occasion to incorporate something new into your daily regimen. Last winter, when my skin felt so dry and dull from the cold weather and the electric heating, I discovered the benefits of spraying Thermal Water (such as Avène) on my face, and since then have kept that habit.

For this fall, what has caught my eye is the trend with new hairdos. Whether it is a chic chignon (bun) for a sophisticated look or braids for more originality, this fall is all about playing with your hair!

Often, as the seasons change, it triggers our minds and selves into craving a shift, offering us an opportunity to recalibrate and seek balance. How do you find and cultivate peace and inner-calm? Where and how do you find your quiet?

With days becoming shorter and temperatures cooler, we naturally seek more quiet time at home and more indoor activities. This is the time of the year when I cook more than usual, preparing healthy meals for the whole family. I love to be alone in the kitchen, focusing on my recipes - I find these moments very peaceful.

During the winter, I swim on weekends. This is a time for me to cultivate peace and inner-calm. I also find these moments ideal for creativity and often feel very inspired for my work (thinking about new trends and themes I can cover on my online magazine). Yoga has also brought me more balance in my everyday life, especially as I live in New York, which is such an intense city! With yoga, I have learned to breathe better, to keep a better posture, and overall, it has helped me to keep my body flexible. 

Is there a BWB approved list of fall-worthy foods or recipes? Do you recommend a seasonal cleanse or a shift in diet?

In the summer, warm temperatures naturally make us less hungry and we seek foods full of water such as watermelon or cucumbers. However, in the fall we tend to crave more filling foods, and my favorite recipes are usually the ones that use grains, such as farro and barley, because they are filling. I also want to keep my immune system strong before the start of the winter. I recommend using turmeric in recipes (for example, it is easy to add into your salad dressing). Turmeric is a strong anti-inflammatory. In the morning before breakfast, I also drink a cup of hot water with half a lemon squeezed. Use products of the season, and if you can, buy local and organic.

Your mother and grandmother were beauty editors at the incomparable French Vogue. What is their best piece of timeless advice in the world of beauty and well being that was handed down to you?

Both my grandmother and mother always taught me to think ahead and invest in a beauty and wellness routine that has both present and future benefits. For example, exercise, such as yoga, helps me keep a strong posture and a flexible body.

Always going to bed with a clean face was of course a must-do in the family. After my cleansing routine, I already have a glow because my face is so clean and fresh.

And last, from their years being beauty editors at French Vogue in the 50’s and 70’s/80’s I have learned to always be sophisticated but natural. A little makeup, some black mascara, my perfume and voilà!

And, as a swim and resort wear line, we always have beaches on our mind. Tell us, what is your favorite vacation destination, no matter the season?

I grew up in Paris and was lucky to visit the South of France every summer because it was so close to home. Saint-Tropez will forever be my favorite place in the world! I love its mythical little port, and remember the image of Brigitte Bardot in the 60’s with her mini shorts and gingham red and white bikinis. The blue of the Mediterranean Sea and the smell of the pine trees just adds to how enchanting it all is.


Brigitte Bardot


Thank you, Clémence. Your suggestions have given us a revived and renewed love for autumn! We so appreciate your tips on how to take on the coming season beautifully and with grace. We will absolutely continue to visit your wonderful blog, Beauty and Well Being, for more ideas as the seasons progress and change.

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