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  • Celebrities in Helen Jon

    Celebrities in Helen Jon

    Picking swimwear can be tricky, so it’s always fun to get inspiration from the articles and images of celebrities in swim looks that flood the internet and cover the magazines...

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  • Spring Blooms at The Little Flower Shop

    Spring Blooms at The Little Flower Shop


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  • In Her Words: Amy Doering

    In Her Words: Amy Doering

    Amy Doering For this installment of In Her Words, our spotlight shines on Amy Doering. We chose Amy for our first feature of 2020 because she embodies what we hope...

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  • Riley Sheehey

    Riley Sheehey

    Pictures tell a thousand words, and we are smitten with the stories Riley Sheehey tells through her whimsical, lovely, delicately-drawn illustrations. So much so that we asked (okay, pleaded with!)...

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  • In Her Words: Jane Mobley

    In Her Words: Jane Mobley

    My British war bride mother was mindful toward clothes. Meditative, really. Packing away wools in mothballs, shaking out linen for the iron, tying the sash of my polished cotton school...

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  • Travels with Tess

    Travels with Tess

    Imagine: Leaving your job that you no longer love, with no “Plan B,” to find the life you really want. Meet Tess Vigeland. She did just that. She took the leap....

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  • Women’s Foundation: Closing the Leadership Gap  

    Women’s Foundation: Closing the Leadership Gap  

    Start small. Think big. Recognize an issue, come up with a solution. All around us, local organizations are doing things to make our world better. At Helen Jon, we are thrilled...

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  • Masterful Military Makeovers

    Masterful Military Makeovers

    Photos courtesy of Jennifer Bertrand and Military Makeover Meet Jennifer Bertrand. You will be glad you did! Best known as the winner of HGTV’s Design Star, Jennifer currently co-stars in...

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  • The Helen Jon Fit

    The Helen Jon Fit

    We all knew the power of pictures.  We knew we needed to show, and not just tell, the Helen Jon customer that our fit really does make our brand different.   We...

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  • A Conversation with Erin Walker

    A Conversation with Erin Walker

    A Conversation with Erin Walker, Lyme advocate, and Gwyn Prentice, founder of Helen Jon. Lyme is an insidious disease, and Erin Walker has been contending with it since her husband,...

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  • Water is Everything

    Water is Everything

    It is Earth Day today. Every day, including today, Everything But Water is committed to preserving our seas. Inspired by a lifestyle that celebrates the ocean, they launched their Water...

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  • Lisi Lerch

    Lisi Lerch

    Meet Lisi Lerch. Her designs have graced the pages of O Magazine and can be seen many mornings on The Today Show. Think Southern charm, Palm Beach chic, and East Coast prep...

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