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Spring Blooms at The Little Flower Shop

Spring is here…the perfect time to send your mom a beautiful Mother’s Day floral arrangement. If your mom is lucky enough to be in the Kansas City area, your go-to place for fresh flowers and an array of fun gifts, décor, and more is The Little Flower Shop

There’s no denying that The Little Flower Shop has been a Kansas City staple since it opened in 2014. Leslie Brett and Chuck Matney, the masterminds behind the shop, clearly have a keen eye for gorgeous flowers and gifts that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. From fresh floral arrangements to home decor, select apparel, baby gifts, and more, The Little Flower Shop truly does have a little bit of everything.

Just in time for peak flower season, we sat down with Leslie to learn more about her shop and what influences her creative vision.


What inspired you to open The Little Flower Shop?

Leslie: Back in 2014, my youngest son Robin was graduating from high school. I was used to being a busy stay at home mom, and I was afraid I would be bored with too much time on my hands. One of my besties, Chuck Matney, had closed his Matney Floral Design business in 2012, and we started talking about opening a business together. He is such a talented florist, and I knew I was not the only one in KC missing his talents. 

One day we found a space in the Westwood Hills shops. The space was very small, thus the name - The Little Flower Shop. Our business grew WAY faster than we ever anticipated. We needed more room for the floral work, and we wanted to expand the gifts in the store, so we expanded our gift shop in April of 2017.

The Little Flower Shop Street View

What is your favorite part about owning and working in the shop?

Leslie: I am very proud to say that we have created a successful business, and that we employ a lot of people who work SO hard and rely on the shop for their livelihoods. I love that they have a fun, cute, successful place to work and thrive. I LOVE everyone that works at the shop. I also love all our fabulous, loyal, fun customers. It is fun to see so many familiar faces in the shop. The other favorite part for me is going to market and buying all the great gift lines. Chuck and I always have a great time when we go, and we always go together!

Colorful Bouquet

What aesthetic influences you when you go to market to shop for all the fun products in your store?

Leslie: Seriously, the answer to that is I do not know. Chuck and I have very similar tastes—neither one of us is very trendy. We like what we like. I don’t care if we are buying birthday candles, paper goods, expensive decor, or more inexpensive gifts, we just pick what we like.

The Little Flower Shop Interior

How would you describe your personal style?

Leslie: OMG… It depends on the day. I try to dress in things that make me feel good. I am not that trendy. I just like pretty things. I typically gravitate towards a flowy, hippy-chic look. I love jeans, great tops, and cool jackets. I love to travel, and I love to study the aesthetic of all of our different destinations. I love California’s laid back, casual vibe. I am not as comfortable with the bright, preppy style in the south. I love all of the black and classic styles in New York. I love all the styles Ralph Lauren embraces. Some days, I love the cool cowboy look with a great jacket or concho belt and other days, a blazer and classic shirt or t-shirt. When it comes to cocktail dresses, it’s fun to wear a statement piece.

Springtime Bouquet

If your sons were to send you the perfect flower arrangement for Mother’s Day, what would it look like?

Leslie: I always love whatever Chuck makes me. In May, the peonies and other spring flowers are so amazing. Sometimes, I like arrangements to be monochromatic, and sometimes I like them to be several different colors. I truly love whatever flowers are prettiest during that season.

Pink Bouquet

If you had to pick two items from the Little Flower Shop and two from Helen Jon to gift or receive for Mother’s Day, what would you choose?

Leslie: We have some beautiful robes at the shop right now, and those are always a nice gift because they aren’t always items that we would buy for ourselves. A pretty picture frame with a photo of family in it is a great Mother’s Day gift as well. These days so many photos are only on our phones, so it is nice to print one and always have it displayed.

From Helen Jon for a Mother’s Day gift, I would do one of the long Brigid Tunics for sure. They are great cover ups or great to wear as loungewear around the house. I also love the Beach Totes. Any mom could use one, and they are great monogrammed!

Gifts at The Little Flower Shop


Thank you, Leslie, for sharing a bit of Spring with Helen Jon! 


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