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Laura Moore Stitching

Laura Moore

Moore Stitching is more than just stitching–-it's a true and total delight, as is its founder, Laura Moore.

Laura has created some of the most darling needlepoint canvases and projects we’ve ever seen. But there’s a twist: her canvases are not just super-fun to stitch and incredibly cute, they're also affordable (something that, heretofore, was not even a possibility).

Yes, you may think of needlepoint as a kind of throwback hobby. But it now seems to be enjoying more than just a moment. Read our interview with Laura and see for yourself why needlepoint is here to stay and how you can (and should!) join the growing ranks of fun and youthful stitchers.


Your business is bringing a whole new audience into the wonderful world of stitching. Tell us, what made you decide to take the leap and start Moore Stitching?  

For years I had seen a gap between box store needlepoint kits and the hand-painted canvases sold by designers.  I wanted this beautiful craft to be accessible to anyone and everyone without the huge financial investment.

To do this, I decided to print my designs, instead of hand-paint them, to keep costs down--allowing needlepointers the ability to gift more, stitch more, and create more.  Europe has been doing this--printing, not hand-painting, beautiful needlepoint canvases--for years. And, as my mom wisely pointed out to me, every canvas is ultimately covered up with all kinds of fibers anyway, so why not?? 

My canvases are also great for beginners. Hopefully, creating these beautiful and very doable projects will attract more – and younger – stitchers who might otherwise have been deterred by cost.

As for the leap, I just woke up one day and lept!

What do you love most about needlepointing? Do you find it meditative, is it for the love of the finished projects, or is it something else altogether?

For me it is 100% the process.  I could never again have something finished into a pillow or an ornament and be perfectly content with it for the rest of my life. Well...with the exception of my children’s stockings. Needlepoint provides an escape for me. A mindless rhythm to get lost in. And, of course, it is a creative process, choosing colors of thread and deciding where to put some texture or sparkle. There is an old saying that needlepointing is much cheaper than therapy and just as effective. 


You’ve said before that if sedentary past-times (reading, stitching, chatting…!) were Olympic sports, you’d medal. Yet, you were trained as a ballerina. Do you think there is something to the precision, planning, and creativity of needlepointing that connects the two?

I have appreciated the arts for as long as I can remember. Ballet, theatre, literature, music….it doesn’t matter what it is. I have always admired creativity and expression. Ballet certainly fed me all those components, and my love of needlepoint does too. Unfortunately, ballet is not as forgiving as needlepoint, and I think that is important. Stitchers--or people who want to learn--are often frightened off by what they fear is the precision required for needlepointing, but that is a misconception. No stitch is permanent, and once again, I believe it is about the process, not the product.


Coasters, ornaments, pillows, dog collars, even makeup bags and clutch purses can all be found in your collection. Each and every one is adorable and fun. How do you come up with your designs?

I get a lot of my ideas from fabric patterns or designs. I get ideas every day just from what's in my surroundings and environment. I love color. The fun thing about being the designer is I can design things I think would be fun to stitch! And then, of course, I get great ideas from my customers. I do a lot of custom work--I love collaborating with customers to create their vision. I find it so rewarding. 


Has there been a best-seller or runaway favorite?

The yoga series has been a HUGE hit and funnily “Namaste” was the first canvas I ever designed and tested out. Apparently, the real connection must be between needlepoint and yoga!

There’s nothing like a homemade gift or keepsake. Thankfully, your canvases are affordable--but the finishing costs can ratchet up. Any great ideas for how we can needlepoint gifts for others without breaking the bank?

When I started Moore Stitching, I actually had finishing costs in mind. Nearly all of my canvases will fit in a 5x7 or 8x10 frame and voila….fun gift or keepsake for your next book club gift exchange. 


What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen needlepointed? The most elaborate? The most beautiful?

The strangest thing I’ve ever seen needlepointed is a twin headboard that was recently featured in a home tour in Palm Beach. The most elaborate is church pew cushions. Many churches have them--they are usually images all the saints and are a group effort of the women of the church. The most beautiful? In my book there is nothing more special than working on a project that you know will be given to someone as a gift. Not only is it a one of a kind, thoughtful piece of expression, but often as it is being stitched, one reflects on memories and moments shared with whom the gift is for. 

We have heard that you will personalize your canvases for customers. What would you create/dream up for a Helen Jon canvas?

So, I am picturing an hourglass shape in turquoise with the HJ logo layered on top maybe in a metallic gold. I do a lot of monograms and while the Helen Jon logo isn’t a monogram in the traditional sense, it is classic and regal. Reese Witherspoon says to monogram everything in her new book, Whiskey in a Teacup, so I was thrilled to see Helen Jon partnering up with her. I love the Draper James + Helen Jon collection!


Thank you, Laura! We cannot wait to get stitching!
Follow Laura and Moore Stitching on Instagram for more inspiration. 

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