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Sol Protection with Bimini-me

Brynne and Lani

All of us at Helen Jon are committed to staying safe in the sun.

With this in mind, we’re always on the lookout for excellent products that make sun safety easier, and we strive to connect with companies who believe in this too.

We have found just that – a great company, owned by two amazing women, who have elevated the look and functionality of mini-umbrellas to keep all of us who love to be in the sun protected, happy, and more comfortable in the sun’s rays. Oh yes, and to keep us looking good while we’re at it!

Read our interview with Brynne Peck and Lani Liuzza and learn more about Bimini-me.


Such a great concept! Tell us more about Bimini-me and how it came to be.

Lani: A year and a half ago, Brynne and I were enjoying ourselves at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show, except for the blazing sun which was making us so uncomfortable. We were admiring expensive beautiful yachts while simultaneously watching people roast in the sun. Men and women, many of whom clearly invest time and money taking care of themselves, were completely abandoning the health and comfort of their skin by exposing themselves to the sun. It was a total disconnect for us.

These people needed portable sunshades. Sun block and hats are not sufficient.

Brynne and I went under the tent that scorching day and began sketching-up our vision for the nautically inspired Bimini-me!

You have created a beautiful solution, allowing people to be outside doing the things they love without the harmful effects of the sun. How did you come up with the name Bimini-me?

Lani: Bimini is a nautical term for coverage on a boat. The name Bimini-me is our personalized portable and highly fashionable expression for sun coverage!

A tag-line we utter for Bimini-me is “Go wherever the sun may take you.” And we like to refer to our product as “Sol Protection.” While protecting ourselves and others from cancer-causing sun exposure, we like to infuse a bit of lighthearted humor for a serious subject! Another subject we take seriously is style; our sunshades are extremely chic, practical and well made.

Bimini-me top view

They seem so light and transportable – and they’re great looking. We can imagine women (and men!) bringing a Bimini-me to their children’s summertime swim meets, to other outdoor sporting events, to days spent boating, sailing, on picnics, even sightseeing. Where are they most often used?

Brynne: There’s no escaping the sun if you love being outdoors......unless you tote a Bimini-me! We advise customers to keep one in their car to always have within reach. Each Bimini-me is accompanied by a clever backpack for easy travel and is presented in a beautiful keepsake box.

Yacht and boat owners and parents on the sidelines of sporting events are just samplings of our client base. Lani and I bring ours everywhere. Yesterday at a courtyard cafe where the awning wasn’t giving us full coverage, it was a very useful accessory. Like a rain umbrella, once you’re accustomed to divine shade you’ll never want to be without a Bimini-me.

We love that photograph of Princess Kate with her mini umbrella on your Instagram. Seems so smart – and chic! Protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging rays, as well as keeping you cooler in the blazing heat, a win-win! Have you noticed more people choosing umbrellas?

Brynne: Ours is a modern unisex expression of the timeless parasol. It is perfectly suited for everyone and stylishly tailored to complement hobbies enjoyed in the sun.

Bimini-me at the sea

You have a great looking navy and white nautical-inspired collection. What else is on the horizon for your company?

Lani: Brynne and I love dreaming-up future designs. Tennis, Golf, Equestrian, and Automobile aficionado lifestyles will soon be debuted. Hand-held sunshades are an untapped market. We’ve got you covered!!!☀️☂️

And, just for fun... Beach or boat?

Brynne: Beach and boat

Lani: Definitely boat

Action or relaxation?

Brynne: Action. Hiking or tennis, for me, but I can also very easily switch to relaxation mode.

Lani: Relaxation. I like to start my day with yoga, a walk, or a barre class.

Cocktail or iced tea?

Brynne and Lani: Cocktail, specifically, one glass of red wine at the end of our day.

Book or playlist?

Brynne and Lani: Book

Helen Jon surf shirt and a Bimini-me or Helen Jon swimsuit and a Bimini-me?

Brynne and Lani: We love Helen Jon, so… both! And everything always with a Bimini-me!


Thank you, Brynne and Lani! We love your beautiful way to keep our skin safe and are excited to see what you'll do next!

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