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Stylist Lara Einzig

Meet Lara Einzig. You will love her, her aesthetic, and her free, creative spirit…

Lara shares with us her inspiration, a few favorite new brands, her fall must-haves, and how the magic of surfing has propelled her to new heights. 


Tell us about Aquadorium. 

@aquadorium is a lifestyle brand and a place where I document my passions – fashion, surfing, beach life, travel and a platform where I can partner with brands that I love – particularly smaller, more boutique brands that share a similar aesthetic and ethos.  It started out as just a bit of fun after our twins were born and now it’s evolving into a commercial platform while staying true to what inspires me.  I’m working on my first brand collaboration of Aquadorium basket bags with The Paradise Catcher, launching early next year, which has been a lot of fun develop.

I also maintain my main business, - my styling work for editorial, e-commerce, advertising and social.


You created your “dream job.” Amazing. So many of us can articulate what our “dream job” would be, but only a few of us dare to make it happen. How did you do it?

I always knew I wanted to have my own business in fashion, so I started from there and worked backwards.  I left my job, we moved to LA, and while raising twin toddlers and a five year old, with a husband who was always traveling for work, I started @aquadorium. Simultaneously, I was doing some personal styling for friends, which then evolved into styling a client for the Oscars, and then eventually working with brands. 

I didn’t have a clear vision from the beginning, I tried a few things and worked out what I could feel really passionate about. And once the passion starts to burn, it propels you.  But it takes time to build your network and find connectors. I kept telling myself, you don’t need to have all the answers right now, just get out there, and it will come when the time is right.


Equal parts sunshine, waves, and easy California living mixed with European influences and city-girl cool. We love how you bring beach and street into harmony, without seeming to try. How are you so adept at translating this vibe pictorially and for your clients?

My fashion training was on the streets of London, working in marketing for Topshop - an amazing insight into the fashion industry, working with some of the world’s most creative and talented people and travelling to some incredible cities.  And during my 13 years in London, my husband and I spent a lot of time travelling through Europe.  So inspiration was everywhere, and the taste level is so elevated there. I soaked it all up. The lifestyle in California is just so far removed from my years in Europe, so creatively, you’re starting again and looking at things with a fresh set of eyes while maintaining the sensibilities that you learned along the way.


Shop: Navy Surf Shirt, Navy String Bottom

When you work as a stylist, how do you like to bring out your clients’ essence and personal style? How can we learn to do this, bit by bit, on our own?

Confidence and comfort are key – without both, even the most incredible look can fall flat.  I like to really get to know my clients, establish a connection very early on, and figure out how they want to be perceived.  And after going through their wardrobes, I build digital mood boards as a starting point that we can agree on.  Having this visual list is a great tool to navigate the stores and edit down a cohesive series of looks.


Do you have a favorite model or muse? If yes, is she timeless or specific to “now.”

I don’t really.  I’m usually inspired by street style snaps on Instagram and cool girls I see on my travels.


You seem to have an inside-track on some really great, independent, off-the-radar brands. Which are some of your favorites? And where can we find/shop for them?

For myself, I mainly shop online.  Some of my favorites: 

At the moment I’m really into sunglasses and jewelry from Lucy Folk, beaded bags by Susan Alexandra, leather micro bags by Boyy Bag, statement sandals by Antolina Paris, and billowing maxi dresses by Eywasouls Malibu


What’s on your must-get list for fall?

  • White kitten-heel boots
  • Micro leather bags
  • Floral dresses teamed with oversized blazers
  • Graphic tees
  • Shell jewelry (because I can’t let go of summer)
  • High-waisted, cropped, wide-leg jeans
  • Graphic print midi skirts
  • Ribbons in ponytails
  • Long-sleeve knit dress


What is the one thing in your closet or home that you feel is most representative of you?

In my closet, my vintage Yves Saint Laurent black silk caftan dress that I bought in Florence many years ago.  It’s luxe and tailored enough to wear out at night with heels and statement jewelry, and it also works brilliantly dressed down for day with messy beach hair, sandals, and a basket bag.

In my home, my surfboard.  Nothing expresses freedom, nature, adventure and happiness more.  I keep my favorite board in our lounge room, and every time I walk past it I’m quietly and excitedly thinking about my next wave.


Where would your ultimate photo shoot take place?

On a luxurious, secluded island with natural beauty everywhere you look, and multiple surf breaks to choose from with warm water –  so no wetsuits!  Can someone tell me where this is?  I really want to go!


Has motherhood changed your style?

Initially, yes.  Raising little boys in the dirt will do that!  But now that they’re a bit older, I’m back to my usual uniform – dresses and sneakers.Lara Einzig

Photo courtesy of The Grace Tales


What about surfing? How has that influenced and impacted your work and your spirit?

It may sound frivolous, but when I found surfing only three years ago, I realized pretty quickly I could never go back to working in someone else’s office five days a week.  Surfing has elevated my spirit and inspired me in ways I could never have imagined.


Favorite way to spend a Saturday…

An early morning surf by myself followed by beach time with my boys – I'm desperately trying to teach them to surf!  Family lunch at a local café, an afternoon nap or movie with the boys, and then a date night with my husband, somewhere in downtown LA.


Living in the moment and staying happy, both are important. But if you were to project, what would you dream up next?

The obvious next step for me would be to design and produce my own Aquadorium range of products.  The ideas are the easy part, it’s the execution with three kids and an existing business, which is the challenge. Slowly, slowly catch the monkey, I always say!


Thank you, Lara! We just love what you do and how you do it. Even if we don't have an ocean in our backyard or a surfboard nearby, the mood you've created is contagious. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. We are inspired!

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