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The Helen Jon Fit

We all knew the power of pictures.  We knew we needed to show, and not just tell, the Helen Jon customer that our fit really does make our brand different.  

We wanted to assemble women of all ages and body types and capture them in a variety of sizes and styles to show that Helen Jon suits are not like the rest.

In putting together this photo shoot, we were confident our photographer would work his magic, but we also needed to reflect the real population of women in today’s society. 

We got some amazing images, but the most magical parts of the day were unexpected and happened mostly off camera.  

What began as a scheduled photoshoot for a marketing blog (booking models, asking—ok, begging—friends, confirming hair and makeup, running through the itinerary, steaming suits, etc.), evolved into a morning of empowerment and energy unlike anything we could have imagined

There was truly a magnetic feeling that involved these amazing ladies. This went beyond swimwear. Beyond women supporting women.  

One was a cancer survivor who wore a bikini for the first time in years.

One was a woman who wanted to get back into “fighting shape," who used the photo shoot as inspiration, and left feeling stronger than ever. 

One was a woman who had never been asked to model a bikini. She told everyone else to “move over for my goodness.”

All were typical women—with the trials and tribulations of real lifewho took a chance, did something new, and created something unique that conveyed a message beyond the lens.

These pictures captured the confidence that is the spirit of Helen Jon.  

Not only did these everyday women create some extraordinary photos, they created an atmosphere of acceptance and joy. That is what Helen Jon aspired to do.


It turns out the promise of Helen Jon goes beyond the fit. 

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