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Just Love

Ubuntu Life bracelet being made

Just love.

Two words that mean so much.

Maybe, for you, just love is a feeling, a summary of all that we need in this world. Or maybe, just love is a call to action, to love the ones you’re with.

For Gwyn Prentice, Helen Jon’s founder, it is deeply personal. Gwyn’s Great-Aunt Helen, for whom Helen Jon is named, said this to her in their very last conversation.


My aunt said to me, “just love those babies.”

She was talking about my two oldest, Prentice and Chase. At that time I was pregnant with Wesley, and Sloane wasn’t even a thought.

Gwyn Prentice with her aunt Helen 

I remember this phone conversation vividly. It was Thanksgiving weekend, thirteen years ago, we were living in Kansas City, and chaos was all around me - Prentice and Chase were very young and could make a lot of noise.

But those words stuck out when she said them and have stayed with me ever since. My Aunt wanted to talk for a longer time than we usually did and, in retrospect, I realized that she knew it was likely our last conversation. 

My Aunt had life in perspective, as she had lost her only child when he was two days old due to a hole in his lungs (a very curable condition now). She was aware of jus how fleeting life could be.

She knew the most important thing was loving those around us, just love, with everything else taking a back seat.  She not only said those words, “just love,” she lived them.

Aunt Helen loved my sister and me unconditionally and wholeheartedly. There was nothing we could do to embarrass her or upset her. 

I believe just love can extend to all around us, not just to our kids, but to ourselves as well. I also think that just love is an incredibly difficult thing to do at times, since so many other emotions can get in the way of just loving. But it is definitely a lofty goal to have.


When Gwyn learned about Ubuntu Life and its founder, Zane Wilemon, she was inspired. She loved his purpose-driven mission of spreading love, of empowering others. And Ubuntu, at its heart, is the embodiment of three essential human virtues: compassion, humanity, and, yes, love.

The original Ubuntu Life LOVE bracelet was created 10 years ago and started a social movement around the world, connecting the maker and wearer in a common bond of love. Every purchase creates a sustainable livelihood for thousands of Maasai women, Indonesian artisans, and their families. 

Helen Jon now has its own signature bracelet, and 100% of your purchase will directly support the medical needs of the women who made these bracelets. 

Ubuntu Life Just Love bracelets 

You can purchase these bracelets here

Join us in this movement and keep love front and center. Wear it alone, stack a pack, or gift a LOVE bracelet as a reminder of Helen’s wisdom. 

We love this so very much, and we imagine Helen would too.

Just love.

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